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Van Gogh

In 2022, I had the esteemed privilege of being selected as the featured artist for the Van Gogh Exhibition in Bristol, a milestone that stands as a shining beacon in my career. The prestigious Propyard, in collaboration with the renowned Van Gogh Expo, sought an artist who could channel the essence of Van Gogh's genius into their work. When Upfest, the celebrated street art festival in Bristol, approached me with this opportunity, my response was an enthusiastic and resounding "Hell yes!"


Tasked with the monumental challenge of reinterpreting Vincent's iconic masterpieces to herald this grand event, I embarked on a three-month creative odyssey. Among the first of my contributions was a mural near Bristol Temple Meads station, a homage to Van Gogh's "Sunflowers," infused with my unique artistic flair. The inclusion of Vincent's name in the mural was not only a tremendous honor but also a testament to the enduring legacy of his artistry. The unveiling of the mural was met with universal acclaim from both the clients and the public, a testament to its impact.


The journey continued with the creation of a street art trail, guiding visitors from the train station to the exhibition venue with my signature brush strokes marking their path. This interactive experience was designed to engage visitors in a unique and memorable way, despite the challenges posed by Britain's unpredictable weather.


Propyard, the event's venue, a marvelously transformed aeroplane hangar, served as the canvas for my next feat. Here, I was commissioned to create two colossal murals inspired by "Starry Night," a task that filled me with both joy and a profound sense of responsibility. The completion of these murals was a moment of profound satisfaction for myself, Propyard, and the Van Gogh Expo, marking the culmination of a massive collaboration.


This project was not only a test of my artistic skills but also my endurance, facing the elements and the physical demands of painting on such a large scale. The joy and excitement of being the sole artist for such a landmark event were unparalleled, truly a pinnacle in my burgeoning mural career.


The overwhelming turnout and enduring appreciation for my work, alongside Van Gogh's, over the five-month exhibition period, were beyond my wildest dreams. This project stands as a testament to my proudest achievement to date, leaving an indelible mark on my heart and career.


I warmly invite you to explore the press links page to delve into the numerous articles celebrating this incredible event and my contributions to it. This journey has been a profound honor, intertwining my legacy with that of Van Gogh in the hearts and minds of countless individuals.

Farrah's Van Gogh Propyard
Farrah's Van Gogh Propyard
Farrah's Van Gogh Propyard
Farrah's Van Gogh Propyard
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